About Us

A name that created waves in textile industry and redefined distribution system in Surat, L Kishanchand Fabrics Pvt Ltd, a company founded by Mr J. M. Bodhwani.
He travelled from Agra to Surat to explore the business opportunities with only vision to provide best of the services. After some years of ups and down he started his distribution business.

Mr J. M. Bodhwani started supply textile fabric, this gave birth of L. Kishanchand Fabrics. From that day till today L. Kishanchand Fabrics has been growing in its reach, size and fame.
Rapid inclusion of new technology, strategic thinking and a sound business approach under Mr J. M. Bodhwanis proficient leadership, L.Kishanchand Fabrics wove its tale of success in very short period of time.
The brand offers a variety of fashion fabrics with new designs and intends to increase their reach by adopting digital medium in their business activities.
To outfit the sartorial needs of the ever-changing world of fashion, L.Kishanchand Fabrics is updating itself as required by the time.
Today its reach ranges across India.
The foundation of L.Kishanchand Fabrics is TRUST, which has brought us a long way.